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Sixteen Articles on Fukushima and nuclear issues. / Issued on the anniversary of the Fukushima nuclear disaster

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Since the Occupy Wall Street and Occupy Los Angeles started, I have been making the intellectual case for Economic Justice. I had been thinking about Economic Justice for some time. When Occupy started I knew that the timing was right. I also promote Environmental Justice. It is also most timely an important. I believe that Economic Justice is Social justice is Environmental Justice. The fourth element is human rights. I lobby The City of Los Angeles on behalf of the human and civil rights of homeless people. It is only natural to take an interest in the human and civil rights of everyone.

I have been aggregating and posting on Facebook Email and Twitter. I have been publishing single articles. Some topics generate so many relevant articles that they are too numerous to post. I am about to launch a new method of posting. I will be gathering multiple articles on the same topic. They will be arranged newest first.
Each post will consist of a date, a title, a credit for the writer and publishing agency/s and the link. The topic for the first Superpost or Swarm is the Fukushima nuclear debacle and related nuclear issues. I don’t believe that nuclear generation of electrical energy is the way forward. That is enough from me for now. Let’s let the articles speak for themselves.

Michael “Waterman” Hubman

                                  Sixteen Articles on Fukushima and nuclear issues.      
                            Issued on the anniversary of the Fukushima nuclear disaster

 March 8, 2012 Hundreds of Events Globally Will Mark One-Year Commemoration of Fukushima Nuclear Disaster Linda Gunter / Beyond Nuclear / Union of Concerned Scientists

March 8, 2012 NRC Needs a More Comprehensive Approach to Post-Fukushima Nuclear Safety, Report Finds Industry Moving Ahead with Voluntary Initiative Before NRC Sets Requirements

Lessons Not Learned: New Map Shows 120 Million Americans at Nuclear Fallout Risk "Red flags for heightened risk factors of a severe nuclear accident abound in the United States."

A Meltdown in Communication: Nuclear Disaster and Corporate Accountability by Maria Tomchick /

The Big Lie: One Year After Fukushima, Nuclear Cover Up Revealed  

March 2, 2012 Fukushima: Chaos reigns Nearly a year after Japan's worst nuclear accident, towns remain deserted and the reactor cleanup has just begun.

Fukushima: Far More 'Chronic and Lasting' Cesium Contamination Than Previously Believed

Japanese Fearful of Govt-Set Radiation Standards for Food.
Suspicions government acting on behalf of producers, not public health.

Fukushima Disaster Caused by Japan's Nuclear Authorities, Not Tsunami / Greenpeace /

February 28, 2012 'Fragile' Fukushima Nuclear Plant Shows Shocking State of Disrepair
By Mari Yamaguchi / Associated Press

February 28, 2012 Lessons from Fukushima Nuclear Disaster Report Shows Millions Remain at Risk / Greenpeace / Common Dreams

February 27, 2012 Activists challenge Japan’s “nuclear village” A year after Fukushima, an energized civil society pushes for solar power and Accountability                 / Salon

Fukushima – Worse Than Chernobyl

Thousands March Against Nuclear Power in Japan
We May Yet Lose Tokyo… Not to Mention Alaska… and Now Georgia, Too

 February 6, 2012 Temperature Soars Mysteriously Inside Fukushima Nuclear Reactor  NewsCore / myfoxdc
Viva Economic Justice!!!!
Michael “Waterman” Hubman
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