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One hundred articles on the eve of 2012 Election

The study shows no link between tax cuts for the rich and economic growth. No wonder they want to keep it quiet

Disaster capitalism doesn’t work Free-market boosters claim relief is best left to the "invisible hand." Bad idea, says a scholar of catastrophes

Sandy: Proof positive government aid matters

By Jeff Madrick / salon

Nobel-winning economist Joseph Stiglitz -- an Obama critic -- says Romney's cuts would be disastrous

Hurricane Sandy and the Myth of the Big Government-vs.-Small-Government Debate

by Matt Taibbi / Rolling Stone / Common Dreams

Romney’s Tax Secrecy: Did He Get Away With It?

by Alec MacGillis /

Disaster Capitalism
If Mitt was President (During Hurricane Sandy)
He would have required that victims produce a valid ID, proof of insurance and FICO scores before providing them with first aid or medication.
By Mike Whitney

Romney Campaign Staged Donations At Storm Relief Event
By Aviva Shen
Just to be safe, campaign aides reportedly spent $5,000 at a local Wal-Mart on supplies that could be put on display.

Michael Moore: 90 Million Are Planning Not to Vote - Your Mission: Take Just One of Them to the Polls
I have a personal favor I'd like to ask each of you. We all know the election next Tuesday is going to be very close. But I've got an idea that could help put President Obama over the top. Michael Moore / Huffington Post

There are other equally valid reasons, of course, to vote for President Obama on November 6, but these five are at the top of my list. Each, taken separately, strikes me as persuasive. Together I find them compelling.

Robert Reich: Romney's Latest Lie, His Former Lies, and Why We Must Not Put Liars in the White House
Lies like the latest from Mitt Romney, financed by deep pockets, are hard to refute, but they must be refuted. Otherwise, there is no accountability in our democracy.

Hurricane Sandy reminds us of a basic truth: Disaster relief and preparedness matter. In times of great crisis, it is critical that we have a strong national response to help provide a lifeline to affected states.

Gov. Jennifer M. Granholm: Ohioans Won't Be Fooled By 'Car Guy's' Desperate Car Lies
Mitt Romney must realize that he has lost the industrial Midwest because he's completely lost a grip on reality. He's decided to throw a Hail Mary pass that will cause his already-struggling campaign to implode in Ohio.

Top 11 Republican Dirty Tricks ... SO FAR

Romney camp spent $5,000 to stage storm relief event By Jillian Rayfield

The Romney campaign stocked up at Walmart before a disaster relief photo-op

Mitt rewrites auto bailout history

By Jared Bernstein
In Romney's parallel universe, Obama has convinced Chrysler to move all of its Jeep production to China #16

With the president in office, progress -- however incremental -- remains possible. With Mitt, forget about it

How Romney used his church’s charity status to lower his tax bill

By Alex Seitz-Wald
Mitt rented the Mormon church's tax exempt status to decrease his bill, new documents show

Mitt’s baldfaced Jeep lie

By Robert Reich
A new ad erroneously suggests that Obama is pushing jobs overseas. Has Romney no shame?

The progressive case for Obama Drones, the drug war and income inequality are important. But a vote against Obama only makes other issues worse

10 Filthy-Rich, Tax-Dodging Hypocrites Pushing Disastrous Austerity on America

The Fix the Debt coalition is using the so-called "fiscal cliff" to push the same old corporate agenda of more tax breaks while shifting the burden on to the rest of us.

Brace yourself for one of the most aggressive corporate lobbying campaigns of all time. And one of the most hypocritical.
· Originally published in AlterNet 21

Medicaid on the Ballot

By PAUL KRUGMAN / Information Clearing House
There’s a lot we don’t know about what Mitt Romney would do if he won. He refuses to say which tax loopholes he would close to make up for $5 trillion in tax cuts; his economic “plan” is an empty shell. 22


Romney-Ryan: Send FEMA "Back to the Private Sector"

As Sandy bears down, campaign confirms support for position

- Common Dreams staff 23

The Final Days, the Biggest Issue, and the Clearest Choice Robert Reich

As we go into the final days of a dismal presidential campaign where too many issues have been fudged or eluded -- and the media only want to talk about is who's

up and who's down -- the biggest issue on which the candidates have given us the clearest choice is whether the rich should pay more in taxes. 24





Romney Willing to Win Without Honor / Leo W. Gerard

At no time this year did Mitt denounce Republican employers who threatened their workers if President Obama is re-elected or condemn repeated Republican legislative attempts to suppress Democratic votes.  25

A new biography of Brigham Young depicts a religion founded on socialist ideals -- and embraced by the poor

A new biography of Brigham Young depicts a religion founded on socialist ideals -- and embraced by the poor 26

Mitt Romney's Bailout Bonanza

Greg Palast  / The Nation.
Romney has done a good job of concealing, until now, the fact that he and his wife, Ann, personally gained at least $15.3 million from the bailout—and a few of Romney’s most important Wall Street donors made more than $4 billion. Their gains, and the Romneys’, were astronomical—more than 3,000 percent on their investment. 27






Mitt “doesn’t get” the auto bailout Romney calls himself "a son of Detroit." The mayor of nearby Lansing, Virg Bernero, calls him "a son of something"

The mayor of Lansing, Mich., where General Motors opened two new auto plants during the 2000s, Bernero startled Lego-haired Fox anchorman Gregg Jarrett with a rant questioning why the United Auto Workers — including Bernero’s father, an octogenarian GM retiree — were asked to sacrifice wages and benefits while Bear Stearns and Lehman Brothers received billions in TARP money. 28

Why student loans are just like mortgages

It's not just homeowners anymore. Big borrowing and zero oversight has left students drowning in debt 29
Noam Chomsky : Who Owns the World?

Video and Transcript

In 1945, the United States had literally half the world's wealth, incredible security, controlled the entire Western Hemisphere, both oceans, the opposite sides of both oceans. There's nothing-there hasn't ever been anything like that in history.

Lies of Plutocracy:
Exploding Five Myths that Dehumanize the Poor

By Jeff Nall

If you believe that poverty is the domain of the comfortably poor, black, unemployed, unmotivated and uneducated among us, you have been sadly misled. Prepare to be astonished by numbers that tell a very different story.

Hope For The Hopeless

By Brett Dennen

Heaven. heaven.
What the hell is heaven?
Is there a home for the homeless?
Is there hope for the hopeless? 32

United Front Against Austerity, Public Assembly

Live Streaming

To organize an effective opposition to the impending austerity offensive; agitate to shift the burden of the economic depression onto Wall Street oligarchs; and to build momentum toward a genuine political revolution of, by and for the people. 33

80 top CEOs tell Obama, Romney to slash social spending:
The chief executives of 80 large US corporations have issued a "Deficit Manifesto," calling on the next president to "fix America's debt" by making substantial "changes in the federal budget." The statement was published by the Wall Street Journal on Thursday. 34

Romney-Ryan's Real Poverty Plan: Soak the Poor:
Romney's priorities really are pretty stark: He wants to cut taxes on the rich and cut spending on the poor. That's Romney's real poverty plan. 35

Missouri Political Donor Thrives With No Limits

COLUMBIA, Mo. — When the first $150,000 check showed up in his campaign account, Shane Schoeller was locked in a tight Republican primary for the unheralded office of Missouri secretary of state, battling two fellow lawmakers with virtually identical platforms.

When Women Vote, Women Win! - ?
1960s teen idol Lesley Gore leads charge in 'You Don't Own Me' Video 37

We live in a Police State : Video -
Dhoruba Al-Mujahid Bin-Wahad addresses the importance of recognizing that we live in a police state and that we need to decentralize public safety of public safety. Also that we need community control of our communities. 38

Capitol Hill’s Rabid, Ravaging Republicans

Has there ever been a more crazed, cruel, anti-people, corporate-indentured, militaristic and monetized Republican Party in its 154-year history? An about-to-be-released list of some of the actual brutish votes by the House Republicans, led by Speaker John Boehner and Rep. Eric Cantor, will soon be available to you from the House Democratic Caucus. 39

Nothing Is Foreign to the Liar Willard Romney AnymoreA Report from the Flippy-Floppy Final Debate of 2012 by Charles P. Pierce / 40

Monsanto's Lies and the GMO Labeling Battle

by John Robbins

Mr. Miller is the primary face and voice of the “No on Prop 37” campaign in California.  At this very moment, Monsanto and other pesticide companies are spending more than $1 million a day to convince California voters that it’s not in their best interest to know whether the food they eat is genetically engineered.  And Henry I. Miller is their guy. 41

Solutions Worth Debating

by Ralph Nader

Let's start with an issue that Obama and Romney won't address -- the violent and thieving corporate crime wave that has swept the country and drained the hard-earned savings, health and safety of millions of people, with little to no law enforcement. 42

Helping Republicans Find Real Voter Fraud in America

Republican officials across the country are having a major problem with their widely ballyhooed claim that they must create new barriers to voting in order to ensure the "integrity" of the ballot. The problem is this: Their high-decibel effort is completely devoid of integrity.

Bernie Sanders Calls Out CEO Tax Dodgers over Deficit, Hypocrisy

Senator Bernie Sanders called out a group of the top US CEOs Thursday in a new report revealing top corporate tax dodgers in the US and urged those dodgers to 'look in the mirror' for the causes of America's ballooning deficit.'The last thing we need to do is listen to these deficit increasing CEOs' 44

John Sununu Suggests Colin Powell Backs Obama Because He's Black

Mitt Romney's campaign adviser appears to disparage the former secretary of state's endorsement of Barack Obama

by Alexandra Topping

12 threats to your vote Intimidating letters. Pressure from employers. Phony mailers. Dirty tricksters are trying to steal the election

Karl Rove-style dirty tricks in Ohio

By Craig Unger /
Voter intimidation, sketchy voting machines, misinformation: Are Karl Rove & Co. up to no good?


Chevron Gives $2.5 Million to Conservative Super PAC

Oil company's donation to Super PAC is largest corporate gift ever to this kind of group

by Rachael Marcus and John Dunbar /

Ladies, Don't Fall for Moderate Mitt!

Suppression Surges as Election Nearsby

Paul Ryan Takes a Side in the War on Poverty: He's Against What Works by John Nichols /

'We Pay More': US Austerity Well Underway by Carl Gibson

This dollar bill right here is $1 more than General Electric, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Citibank, and a bunch of other big corporations paid in federal taxes, since 2008, combined.”

If You Succumb to Cynicism, The Regressives Win it All by Robert Reich

Your cynicism is understandable. But cynicism is a self-fulfilling prophesy. If you succumb to it, the regressives who want to take this nation back to the 19th century win it all. The Koch brothers, Karl Rove, the rabid Republican right, CEOs and Wall Street titans who want to entrench their privileges and tax advantages – all of them would like nothing better than for every progressive in America to throw in the towel. 53


On Obama and 'Too Big To Fail' Banks: A Brief Response

Corporate Slush Fund Pays for State Lawmakers’ Junkets Center for Media and Democracy

Internal records show ALEC corporations have spent an estimated $4 million to send legislators to posh resorts since 2006

To Counteract Deceptive Ads by Prop 37 Foes, Health and Consumer Advocates Use Humor, Celebrities to Get Out the Vote Food & Water Watch

A Series of Online and TV Ads Released This Week in Support of Prop 37 to Make GE Food Labeling Mandatory in California

Republicans Filibuster Everything, Romney Blames Obama for Not Working With Congress Bob Cesca 57

Transforming Our Energy System: Making Progress, Much More Needs to Be Done

Romney supports continuing the massive $113 billion in federal subsidies for oil, gas and coal over the next 10 years. He has previously referred to sustainable energy as "imaginary." If elected, Romney is promising an end to key federal policies supporting sustainable energy like the production tax credit for wind. 58


Stopping Trans Canada's Keystone XL Pipeline
Activism from the Trees and on the Ground

By Ann Wright

In East Texas, the farm lands and forests have been seized for the Canadian company through eminent domain and are already being destroyed for the foreign pipeline. 59

First Commercial Tar Sands Project in U.S. Approved:
A Utah water quality board approved the first commercial tar sands project in the U.S. Wednesday, opening a largely undeveloped area in Utah's eastern desert to production next year. 60

Texas Keystone Pipeline Critics Resist Use of Eminent Domain:
Several appeals have been filed by Texas landowners trying to resist the efforts of pipeline company TransCanada to use a local law to force reluctant landowners to permit construction of a southern extension of the line from Cushing, Oklahoma to Nederland, Texas. 61

Amy Goodman: Prop 37: California's Fight for GM Labeling Should Matter to All of US 62

Common Cause: Voting Rights Advocates Call on Florida Elections Officials to Investigate Voter Intimidation 63

Congressman Dennis Kucinich Consumers Demand Right To Know 64

Overwhelmingly Support Strong Transparency and Accountability Reforms 65

Progressives can’t sit this one out

By Robert Reich
Disappointment with Obama's first term is understandable, but allowing Romney to take office would be calamitous




How GOP voter suppression could win Florida for Romney

By Tova Andrea Wang
How many Florida Democrats will be disenfranchised by the GOP's war on voting? Enough to swing the election

The man without a soul

By Joan Walsh
In the final debate, Romney disavows almost everything he's ever said on foreign policy while the media just shrugs

John Robbins: Monsanto's Lies and the GMO Labeling Battle 69

Charles P. Pierce: Nothing Is Foreign to the Liar Willard Romney Anymore 70

Tom Engelhardt: My Big Fat American Election 71

Common Cause: Report Details Massive Chemical Investments in Lobbying and Campaigns 72

Robert Reich: Obama as Commander-in-Chief, Romney as Dithering Bully
Although Monday night's topic was foreign policy, I hope Americans understood it was also about every other major challenge we face. Mitt Romney is not only a cold warrior; he's also a class warrior. And the two are closely related.

The man behind the voter fraud myth

By Jillian Rayfield
Five key takeaways from Jane Mayer's scathing New Yorker piece



Six ways we can repair our democracy

By Steven Rosenfeld
Voter Suppression. Endless fundraising. Dysfunctional debates. The need for reform has never been stronger

Corporate America knows who you vote for

By Lois Beckett
So much for anonymity. Across the country, companies are using web data to tailor the political ads you see online 76

Chrystia Freeland: The Problem of Plutocrats: What a 19th-Century Economist Can Teach Us About Today's Capitalism
America today urgently needs a 21st-century Henry George -- a thinker who embraces the wealth-creating power of capitalism, but squarely faces the inequity of its current manifestation. 77

Five startling facts about Mitt’s investments

By Joshua Holland
Reporters continue to buy that old "blind trust" ruse. It's time to hold Romney accountable 78

Ann: Mormon missions are just like military service!

By Laura Gottesdiener
Her sons didn't serve, but they did spend a two-year tour proselytizing. For Ann, that's pretty much the same thing 79

In case you missed it
The Power Principle

Video Documentary
"Probably the best film ever made about American foreign policy."   

Defeat Romney, Without Illusions about Obama

Advice to progressives in swing states, vote for reelection

It is urgently important to prevent a Republican administration under Romney/Ryan from taking office in January 2013. 81

Five Ways Deregulation Is Ripping America Apart

Conservatives believe that enriching individuals will eventually enrich society, and that government should not get in the way of the process. This is what happens as a result: 82

Will E-Voting Machines Owned by His Buddies Give Mitt Romney the White House?

Electronic voting machines owned by Mitt Romney's business buddies and set to count the votes in Cincinnati could decide the 2012 election. 83





The False Promises of “School Choice”

For more than twenty years, supporters of vouchers for private schools have had a chance to prove their assertion that the marketplace and parental choice are the bedrocks of educational success, that unions and government bureaucracy are the enemies of reform, and that vouchers will lead to increased academic achievement. 84

Death By Ideology: Yes, Mitt, Lack of Insurance Does Kill People

Mitt Romney doesn’t see dead people. But that’s only because he doesn’t want to see them; if he did, he’d have to acknowledge the ugly reality of what will happen if he and Paul Ryan get their way on health care. 85

Romney’s Seven Biggest Debate Lies

Perhaps the most famous moment to come out of Tuesday night’s presidential town-hall style debate in Hempstead, New York, was when moderator Candy Crowley fact-checked Mitt Romney on the spot on Libya. (Video here).  U.S. Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney answers a question as he debates President Barack Obama during the second U.S. presidential campaign debate in Hempstead, New York, October 16, 2012. (REUTERS/Lucas Jackson)
But that isn’t the only time the Republican candidate said something completely false—it was perhaps just the most obvious. Here are the seven biggest lies Romney told: 86





End Polluter Welfare

The Big Energy industries (oil, coal and gas) along with their political allies like Mitt Romney are waging war against sustainable energy and the need to transform our energy system and reverse global warming. In many instances they are aided and abetted by the very powerful nuclear power industry. 87

Meet Romney’s Economic Hit Man

Mark the name of R. Glenn Hubbard, the man who will make your life miserable if Mitt Romney is elected president. Unless, that is, you happen to be one of the swindlers who has profited mightily from the nation’s economic pain. 88

New Jersey Becomes Ninth State to Back Constitutional Amendment to Overturn Citizens United

- Common Dreams staff
New Jersey became the ninth state to back a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United on Thursday.
The state assembly signed the resolution Thursday afternoon that "Expresses strong opposition to U.S. Supreme Court decision in Citizens United v. Federal Elections Commission; calls upon Congress to propose amending U.S. Constitution." 89

'Global Noise' Against Austerity Sweeps Cities Worldwide

Day of action against policies hurting the global 99%

Saying "we will not be silent" against austerity measures, thousands took to the streets across the world to join in a "Global Noise" pot banging protest march on Saturday.
From New York to Buenos Aires, Helsinki to Melbourne, the global 99% brought a loud message against the world's corporate elite. 90

Privatization Pushback: Civil Society Slams Water Privatization Conditions for EU Bailouts

Letter from groups to EU Commission says plan is "economically, socially and democratically flawed"

Civil society groups Wednesday are slamming the European Commission's continued insistence that privatization of municipal water systems be a condition for receiving rescue funds, a plan the groups describe as "economically, socially and democratically flawed."

Hurricane Sandy reminds us of a basic truth: Disaster relief and preparedness matter. In times of great crisis, it is critical that we have a strong national response to help provide a lifeline to affected states.

Frontline: In-Depth Investigation into the Climate Denial Industry Full length VIDEO

Frontline goes inside the groups who shifted the direction of the climate change debate

As Election Day Closes In, Voters Bombarded by Misinformation Campaigns  94

Marion Brady: The Education-Testing Complex of Mass Destruction #95

Marion Brady: The Education-Testing Complex of Mass Destruction #96  

Rose Ann DeMoro: What’s At Stake When Billionaires Try to Buy Our Democracy #97





When plutocrats bullied voters

By Bill Moyers and Michael Winship
The Koch brothers and David Siegel aren't the only billionaires putting pressure on their employees to elect Mitt

Public Citizen: New Report: Here’s What Nearly 30 Corporations Gave the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Last Year  #99 

Pesticide Industry Backed Opponents of GMO Labeling Get Criminal in California by Zack Kaldveer

These companies and their allies in the junk food industry know that their profit margins may suffer if consumers have a choice whether to purchase genetically engineered foods or not.  And that's why opponents are spending nearly a million dollars per day trying to make Prop 37 complicated. But really it's simple - we have the right to know what's in our food.

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